Monday, November 10, 2008

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

IFR & Airplanes

I'm getting my first hands on experience with a standard Annual this year. My buddy, an A & P, wanted me to learn what doing an annual is all about. Very interesting, but more simply than what I originally thought. A little tedious with removing and replacing all the screws around the cowling and wheel pants, but good training overall. I learned a lot.
Compression check, Replacing a tire, re-greasing bearings, flushing the system, fuel strainer checks, and a bunch of cleaning.

It's good training and I feel that if I'm in a remote airport and I experience a blown tire I can fix it myself.

If any pilot has an opportunity to learn a little about aircraft maintenance I say "go for it." But remember, only certified A & P mechanics can do an annual.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

IFR Ticket

Been awhile since I posted. Family, training, work, building a house all contributed to my precious time; hence no time for blog.

Well, it's official I am instrument rated. Received my ticket after a two hour oral and an 1.4 hour flight test. I neglected my family for two weekends to study and now, I can look forward to spending a lot more time with them.

My first IFR flight plan as an IFR rated pilot will be from Tulsa to Norman to watch the Oklahoma Sooners play Chattanooga on Saturday. Don't ask me why OU is playing Chattanooga....I don't have a clue.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

IFR Training

Well, I passed the IFR written! I've got to complete my IFR cross country, polish up on my approaches, holding patterns, and I think I'll be ready for the IFR checkride.

When I'm completed I hopr to have the opportunity to right seat a Piper Meridan. Well keep ya'll postred

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on my IFR Training

Well, I'm more than 1/2 way on my IFR training. Been doing a few short cross country IFR trips and focusing on many, many, many ILS approaches and localizer approaches. B patterns, partial panel, phone work, and more. It's fun but not easy.

Will post pics ASP.

Friday, December 7, 2007

I don't like to do this....

But, I feel strongly to make a statement.

I'm an aviation buff. I love airplanes, love to fly them, love to fly helicopters, air shows, etc...

But, I just feel that I have to make this statement.
NBC has rejected a TV ad by Freedom's Watch, a conservative group that supports administration policy in Iraq, that asks viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.

NBC said it declined to air the ad because it refers to the group's Web site, which the network said was too political, not because of the ad's message.

"Anybody in the world who would look at this ad would come away with nothing other than we should thankful for their service," Freedom's Watch president Brad Blakeman said.

I'm sorry, but I feel that I had to get this information out. I'm a veteran and feel NBC's decision was wrong and demeaning to the group of wishes to run the ad. It doesn't bother me who the particular group produced the ad and wanted to run it. I feel NBC has made a political decision to not air something good.

FACT: Since the troop surge in Iraq, violence is down, US Troop deaths are down BUT GOOD NEWS IN IRAQ = LESS NEWS COVERAGE.

Graph and link to "fact."

I feel that I just had to rant about this poor decision fron NBC.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Upset with the...

"President Bush on Nov. 15 announced a series of measures to reduce airline delays, including opening restricted airspace on the East Coast to commercial flights during the holiday season. And he renewed the administration's call for higher taxes and user fees on general aviation."
Amidst airline delays, Bush calls for user fees
By Warren D. Morningstar

The President is dead wrong on asking for "user fees." Rather you like him or not, voted for him or not, this decision to support User Fees is plain wrong. I believe he is being misled by Big airline Execs who don't want to face the truth that THEIR flight scheduling is causing the problem, not GA.

"If we really want to solve this problem, it's time for Congress to modernize the FAA, and we've given them a blueprint to do so," said Bush, referring to the administration's FAA funding bill that would increase GA avgas taxes by 263 percent and impose user fees. And he praised Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Trent Lott (R-Miss.) as people in Congress "who understand the need to act." The Rockefeller-Lott FAA funding bill (S.1300) includes a $25 per flight user fee on turbine aircraft." AOPA artile

By Gosh! $25.00 per flight user fee on turbine aircraft! I'm just a little dissapointed in Senator Lott, I kinda expected it from Rockefeller, but I use to like Sen. Lott, but not anymore.

I supported HR 2881, I hope the Senate does and the President Signs it. If you want more information on user fees and what the AOPA is doing, click here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I made it! into BIG D

Made my first flight into Dallas and was granted permission to enter class B airspace. Went from Tulsa to Dallas to see the Sooners kick the tar out of Texas. Landed at Dallas Executive (redbird). Small airport, not much traffic and in the heart of Dallas.

Took off from O38 and climbed to 8,500, flipped on the autopilot and relaxed. Nice weather, few clouds, good airpseed (130 mph). Tried my new Garmin 396 w/ XM out and realized what I've been missing.

If you fly cross country regularly, I recommend buying a Garmin 396, 496 or equal just for the up-to-the-minute weather information. We had weather information with us and satellite radio. It was the first time I flew cross country while listening to Fox News and music.

It took us about 1.8 hours to fly down there, but a heck of a lot faster than commercial. Commercial flying required me to get to the airport an hour to an hour and a half before departure and after landing at Luv, for example, you have another hour or so before you get your luggage and hail down a cab.

Flying yourself is the only way!

Next stop: Indianapolis to watch my Colts play

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wonderful Cross Country Flight

Well, I made the flight from Tulsa (Riverside - RVS) to Kansas City Downtown Wheeler Airport (MKC) last weekend (10/22-07). Flew up there for some of that Famousw Kansas City Barbecue and to gain some experience flying into a Class B airspace.

It was great. Great Weather, Good Aircrat (Cherokee 6 300).

I took off from my hometown airport (Oscar Three Eight) and took flight following from there to Riverside to pick up a friend. My friend flies a Lear 45 and a wealth of knowledge and an overall good person. ( I asked for his assistance to help me make it into Class B and to make sure I wouldn't screw up.) We took on some fuel and talked to ground, got flight following to MKC and took off. Good weather, no bumps, no clouds (on the way up there), and practiced some IFR training by following the VOR needle.

Talked to Kansas City Center, Kansas City approach and received PERMISSION to fly into Class B airspace. I thought that was into Class B airspace. It was something neat to hear Kansas City Departure to say "Cleared to enter Class B airspace." I was tickled pink.

This was a wonderful event in my flying experience. For small town pilots, it's a tremendous achievement to fly into Class B.

Had a great flight back into the Tulsa area. Another thing that was awesome was being told by Tulsa Approach to "Reduce Airspace by 20." Flying in a 300 horsepower airplane is awesome. Since my Cherokee 180 is in the middle of a panel upgrade, I have access to this PA-32-300 as long as I pay for fuel (12.5 GPH). I guess I was flying at around 135 knots IAS, but with the wind at my tail my ground speed was nearly 150 mph.

I abidided with the request and made my approach back into Riverside (RVS).

Well, my next trip is into Dallas, Tx. I'll be flying into Dallas Executive (Red Bird) to attend the Red River Shoot Out - OU vs. UT.
Go Sooners!!